Read Asset from a folder other than the Default folder

Hi All,

I have Orchestrator version 2020.4.1, so I have a default folder which is the global Orchestrator folder, this is clear to me, and everything I put in Default I can use in Studios and it works well.

So we decided to create folders to separate some internal areas, we created modern folders for each area. When we did that, we added content in Um Asset that is inside a Folder that is different from Global, but through Studio, I am not able to recover that Asset from this modern folder.

Any idea what could be wrong? Or how can I retrieve values in the studio from folders that are not the Default?

Hi @Jorge_Cavalcante,

Please check folder permission.

Omkar P

Hi @Reddy_Paluri,

Thanks for the quick iteration.

My user has Folder Administrator permission on the orchestrator.

But when I try to run the activity call below:
I get the error:
"Get Orchestrator asset: Folder does not exist or the user does not have access to the folder. Error code: 110

In addition, in the Folder Path parameter of the Activity I am adding the “NameFolder” parameter.

Hola Jorge,

Take look into the documentation:

If you are working with classical folders (default) it won’t work unless you use a robot defined in that specific folder

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Hi @RockSolid,

Your comment made me reevaluate the creation of Machines and Robots. I noticed that all my machines had a robot attached to the Default folder. These robots were created in the “Management> Robtos” menu. They were all created as Standard Robots, and here’s my problem.

I removed my user and started redoing through the “Management> Users> Edit User” Menu and here I created the robot, hitched the Studio license and the structure was correct.

I ran my test process again, and managed to recover the Assets from the folder I wanted. A cool thing, which I was also wondering, was with Studio. Now I can see all the folders that I have access to in the lower studio bar.

Now I have to find out how to use this structure in Publish Process, is it correct to display only Tenant and Custom as an option? Shouldn’t my folders also appear as an option?
Thanks for your comment, it made me clarify many things.

Regarding publishing we do not have, yet, packages feed per folder. It will be available soon and per root folder.

Hi @badita, Thanks for your answer.

If we have a version where separation by folder is possible, I think that Packages, Libraries and etc. could already be in this version, that would make the most sense.

I didn’t want to have to give access to the default folder for all developers. But I see that for now this is how it will have to be.

Do you have a release estimate that will contain this demand on Orchestrator?

20.10 planned but don’t take it for sure. Anyway, not sure if it helps, but we’ll release a feature called personal folders. Each dev will own it’s own folder for testing purposes.

It helps a little for our Development environment, but invest in the separation by folders. It is essential for companies that have many countries using the same environment, so each country would be responsible for its “Folder”, and of course, maintaining the default environment in case someone develops something that is useful for all countries.

I know that Automation Hub for companies, helps with the issue of content sharing, but having that in Orchestrator too, I think it would be of great value.

Thanks again for your attention.


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