Common assets while using modern folders

I am trying to use modern folders feature in my project.
Most of the existing process will be migrated from classic folders to these modern folders.
I am having challenges with Assets used in these existing processes. Some of the assets should be at a global level so that every process inside different folders and sub folders can use them. some assets will be specific to the folders or sub folders. Since these folders and sub folders path can change over the course of time. I don’t want to specify any OrchestratorFolderPath in any of the process so that Get asset activity will look for the assets inside the folder where the process is residing. This allows the flexibility to move the processes to different folders without changing folder paths in every process and republishing them.
for accessing assets at a common location (global location) without specifying any folder path , is it possible?
Anyone have any workaround?

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Hey @Kayobot

I believe this is possible.

There is something called asset linking across folders to avoid re-creating it again in folders if its a common resource.

So you can try it which may help in your scenario. For more detailed info PFB.

Hope this helps.


Hi Nithin,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes Linking assets is possible and it is a very nice feature to have.
But if there are too many folders doing it for every folder is a tedious job.

if there is some mechanism without hardcoding the folder path in the process and then process can look for common assets outside of its original folder would be nice.

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Yes, understood.

But even for that there is a method which is 2nd one I guess in the link shared in previous post.

For now, in tenancy we cant setup assets.