In UI Path studio, after click on Run button UI Path Robot started and executing steps in my chrome browser. But after few steps Robot stops execution suddenly. Don't know exact reason and not getting any exceptions. Can any one suggest resolution

Need resolution for this.

Kindly uninstalll and reinstall the studio and try hope that would work for sure

Thanks for the suggestion.

Reinstalled the studio but still getting same issue

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@naresh77 have you connected your studio to orchestrator if yes,then plz give the full machine name

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Fine there must be two cases for this
—if the robot is not run from orchestrator but still connected to orchestrator disconnect it and try to run from studio
—if the process is run from orchestrator kindly check with the machine key, machine name , username and domain mentioned in the robot under robot tab in orchestrator
The reason is when we just mention. The username without domain this error might occurs
So to mention the full username and domain of your machine where the process is going to be executed we can get from the cmd window
Type as whoami
Then by chance if the above fix doesn’t work then check whether the machine name is same in both orchestrator and in your robot tray where we get the machine name. They must be same and should not be with even small case change between them
And check the machine key as well
And we will getting the username and domain. Kindly type the same in the robot in robot tab in orchestrator

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @naresh77

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So were you able to run the flow @naresh77
Any issues still

@Palaniyappan - Thanks for the follow up, we are working with options you mentioned, will let you know the update.

That’s great
Cheers @naresh77

Connect your studio to Orchestrator. While doing so in “Domain\Username” field enter your machine name in lowercase followed by backslash then enter your username. This will work.

hi got a problem when i press f5 button then automatically going to debuging and then stop my execution. please help

Hi @priyranjan

Please see my post about it here: