UiPath 2019 Preview (Community Edition v2019.8.0)


Great work Team. waiting for HandwritingRecognition feature and Stronger Debugging Feature .:love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:



Thanks guys for your dedication… To improve uipath…


I specifically liked the test activity option and Project Settings–> UI automation option.

I am not able to get the regex option working.

But well done!

Looking forward to explore the other options.



The System.Data.DataTable is now a default type of variable or argument.

This is very convenient. :clap:
Good functions facilitate our job. :star_struck:


Great work guys!!!

A brand new version with brand new features!!! :smiley:

Well done!!!
Looking forward to try out the new features!!

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Please be aware that from 2019.8, Start button default behaviour is changed

It will now default to Debug instead of Run

Other options can be accessed via the dropdown, as seen here:


In short:

  • Start will run the Debug for the entire project, starting at the workflow set as main
    (typically Main.xaml)

  • Start Without Debugging will Run the entire project, starting at the workflow set as main (typically Main.xaml)

  • Start File will Debug the currently selected Xaml file tab

  • Start File Without Debugging will Run the currently selected Xaml file tab

I hope it clears some confusion :slight_smile:


This interface affects usability very badly. It’s not intuitive.
UIPath developers should separate release mode and debug mode as possible and separate start buttons for file and for entire project.

For example, how it was made in MS VS 2017. The result would be the one button “Run” and two lists of file/project and debug/release.



Thanks team UiPath for all of your hard work. :clap::clap:


Thanks team UiPath for all of your hard work. :clap::clap:


I was losing my mind why that happened, anyway thanks .


That is a great idea. I hope UiPath will consider it.

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Separating Release and Debug Mode is actually a very good idea, especially in the context of Activities Project Settings which come in 2 sets: Release and Debug. Separate Start buttons for File and Project is also interesting, thanks for the feedback.


hi got a problem when i click on start button then i will go in debug mode after some times execution will be closed and only working in main section. just example. when i use flow chart and add to message box (“hello”) i want to output hello . but in this example only execute main section . my flow chart section not execute. please clarify this confusion

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Hi @priyranjan

Please see my response a few post above in this thread :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the updates you’ve been expecting every time.
As a uipath user, I’d like to suggest one thing.
I wish I could check the argument with debugging.
I wonder how everyone checks the argument every time.

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Are there any example projects published for this template?



This is creating a lot of confusion with new users. Yesterday, one other member of my team hit what he thought was the run button and was puzzled when the robot paused on a break point in the project and assumed it was broken.

I’m not sure why the Run button wasn’t retained as default.


Hey great work everybody.
Downloaded the new version as well.
But I must say, with the search tool bar I still can’t search for Variables or arguments inside Write Lines or Comment Lines.
I really need that feature since we are write down every detail in write lines and in debug mode, the fastest way I find an issue is to search for that particular write line.
Luckily, this function it’s still available in UIPath Enterprise but not ok my Pc at home.
Would be much appreciated if i could get any news about that.
Thanks and continue this great work.

Hi @Henne1992

The fix for that is coming in 2019.9 :slight_smile:

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Hi @alexandra.vaidos ,
In the version 2019.8.0. While I try to save workflow, It is giving the bellow error.

In the imports I have the namespace.

Note :
When I try to run it. It says like below. And try to save the file I am getting the above message.

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