Task execution cancelled


When I run UiPath studio (Community edition 2019.5.0) either

  1. my task execution is cancelled
  2. my ochestrator is not running (when I check robot is offline)

Note: I have changed to full domain in ochestrator & also reinstalled UiPath Studio.

I am struggling with this issue for the last couple of days

kindly check these buddy

  1. the machine name in your system and in orchestrator must be same
  2. the robot must be tagged to that machine and to an environment as well
  3. kindly check whether the robot is tagged with correct domain name and username
    you can get that from your system PC by using a command prompt
    start->cmd-> type as whoami
    which will show you the domain and username of the system. Try to mention the same in the robot while creating
    4.after all these make sure the robot is connected to orchestrator
    Kindly try these and let know buddy @preeharris

were you able to connect now buddy @preeharris

It was all fine before migration to cloud!
Only now I am facing an issue where robot moves to offline state freq
Not aware how it is connected with Uipath Studio task execution exiting too

Buddy make sure your machine that you connect with orchestrator is online…means connected always
when you were facing this disconnect of machine from orchestrator buddy
Cheers @preeharris