Uipath robot problem


I am trying to start a process from the orchestrator and the robot appears and my process disappears, I try to start the process from the orchestrator and it is pending all the time.

Who knows what may be happening?

Hi @kferreiro,

Does your process works within studio or only with orchestrator you are facing this issue.

Yes in Studio works perfectly.


Are any other processes running in the orchestrator or any pending jobs are there.


No, I just have that process.

Can you check the logs in orchestrator, so that you will know where you are getting the error.

I have no errors, only my actions were resgistered.

I think your process is looping that why you have get_infocripto started, ended, killing process multiple times.

Can you try a simple workflow and run from orchestrator, if that works then the issue is with your current process.

No, those are my actions, I have stopped it manually and the start again after restarting the Orchestrator the PC and the reinstall Studio.

The process can not create a loop, it’s a simple process.

Hi @kferreiro

It is most likely related to this issue with this solution:


Perfect, that was the problem.

Thanks a million, you are a master! :wink:

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