Job not running on Virtual Machine

I have been struggling with running a process on my UiPath Studio computer, from Orchestrator! I seem to be lost.

I have the Community UiPath Studio, and am connected to community cloud orchestrator platform. Here is what I did…

  1. Created a simple flowchart of Studio to open a browser to a certain website. It runs fine from Studio.
  2. On Orchestrator, I created a Service, and added a Machine.
  3. I got the Machine Key and Orchestrator URL and set them up on the Studio Robot (agent) screen and had them connect successfully.
  4. Created a Robot of type “Unattended” and provided my Studio machine credentials, which are my username and password (these are domain credentials)
  5. Created an Environment and Process and published the package from Studio.

My robot on Orchestrator shows “connected” status and everything seems fine. However, when I run the process and choose the robot on Orchestrator, the process shows running and then “successful” on Orchestrator. But nothing runs on the machine having Studio and the agent!

One thing about my Studio machine is that it is a virtual server, and I log to it through Citrix. Does this pose a problem for the Orchestrator logging in to it while I’m logged in?

Another strange thing I noticed is that while I was exploring community posts for this problem I came across some talk about the password for the robot. someone mentioned that they entered a dummy password of value “password” and it worked! Not knowing what to do I went and updated my robot password on Orchestrator to “password”, which is clearly wrong! I expected an error when I ran the process, but to my surprise the process ran “successfully” and again nothing happened on my target machine! How can Orchestrator or the agent not see a difference in the password?

One more thing…

When I run the process from Orchestrator and jump quickly to the VM robot window I see some communication happening. The VM robot window says that a process was run a few seconds ago, but I don’t see any browser screen open, which is the only activity I have on the flowchart.

I have tried changing the Robot to type “Studio” but that didn’t work either.

I have solved the problem!

It was my fault, I didn’t pay attention to the Main.xaml file in Studio! I had my application in a different xaml file. When I changed that file to being Main and re-deployed ot worked fine!

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