Robot process execution not starting

I am using Uipath 2019.10.5 and Orchestrator 2019.10.19 and I am unable to share the code due to confidentiality.

When I try to trigger this robot on one of our virtual machines from Orchestrator it gets stuck and says it it running, and Job Details says “Job started processing”, but the Logs are blank and it does not even say “[Robot] execution started” in the logs.

I have confirmed the robot will run from Studio on the target virtual machine, and had in fact successfully ran it from Orchestrator on this VM earlier today. Other robots running on the same VM are not experiencing this error.

I’m at my wit’s end trying to figure out what is going on, any help is much appreciated!

EDIT: this is an issue with one of our processes running from Orchestrator on a specific robot, not a robot issue. Apologies for the confusion

Hi @WitzgaWJ please check the version of your dependecies in code and uipath extension version that installed on vm.

I checked and there is no issue with the dependencies or the Uipath extension version on the VM

@WitzgaWJ please check the compatibility matrix:

I checked, the Studio, Orchestrator, and Robot are all compatible.

We also do not have this issue on any other robots. If it was a compatibility issue I’d expect to see the same thing happening to all robots instead of just one.

@WitzgaWJ could you check the robot status in the vm. it should be connecte and licensed?

I did that too, it is connected and licensed. Again, it is only this process experiencing this issue, all other processes run perfectly.

@WitzgaWJ could you compere the dependencies with other process those are running now.

Yes, the dependencies are all the same, and the process ran successfully yesterday morning, but encountered the issue yesterday afternoon despite no changes being made to it, the robot, or the Orchestrator.

Can you send the screenshot of job status that showing in orhcestrator currently?

Hi @WitzgaWJ

Can you check whether you have space in the database of your orchestrator and in the C drive?

Checkout this thread you will get some idea


Due to confidentiality concerns I cannot, but the Job status says “Processing” and when I look at the Job Details it says “Job started processing” as I said in the original post

I will check on this and let you know but I suspect this will not be the issue since it’s only the one process effected and I’d expect other processes to show the same issue if this was the cause.