In_Config not working


I’m Trying to Fetch a value from Config File. However, in_Config is not working.

can someone assist based on the attached file (In_Config_Filename.xaml). Excel file is not opening. kindly let me know where i am going wrong. (14.2 KB)

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Have you passed input to this workflow properly or not. Make sure Datatype should be same for both arguments. And also check at the time of declaring Config variable whether data was assigned to this dictionary variable or not. First try to print it there and debug the workflow to get to know about exact error.

didn’t clearly understand. What i attached is a simple example. Based on the excel file name mentioned in the config file, the excel application should open using In-config(“Result”).tostring

I’m not using this in any project. I created this small workflow just for my understanding. Idea is to get values from config file. based on what i attached can you let me know the issue.

HI @Yousuf_Ali,

But i am able to see in config file sheet you are not passing full path of the excel.

Pass full path of the specific excel sheet and try to run
Hope it will help.

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tried with full path. Still got this error

Excel Application Scope: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Before reading the excel, you are giving the path as

Config(“Result”) … So, the dictionary is empty and it won’t find the path. Try passing the path in a variable and then check @Yousuf_Ali

Hi @Yousuf_Ali

Use in_config.item(“Config”).ToString

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