Excel Scope Application Error

Hi, I am trying to read data from excel file.
When I am using Re-Framework and In Excel scope application activity giving file path
" in_Config(“input_file”).ToString " BOT unable to read the excel and fetch data.
and give error
" Excel Application Scope : Object reference not set to an instance of an object "

Same if I am using without Re Frame work and give direct path It work perfectly.

Can anyone help me with this?

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May be the value in the argument in_Config is passing null values, can you check that @Arooshi?

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Could you please show me screenshot of your config file once.

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Config.xlsx (20.0 KB)

I have shared the Config file

Main.xaml (58.2 KB)
In GetTransactionData have sequence Excel_Extraction

I am not invoking, in Get Transaction Data created one sequence, still argument required?


Yes I checked the file. Have you passed Config argument to this in_Config argument ?

And also one more thing I observed in config file is you mentioned like Data\Report.xls.xlsx and its in correct.

Give me the solution