In_config ERROR

Kindly check whether the value of in_ConfigFile is a valid workbook path
use a writeline activity before that READ RANGE activity to validate the filepath where mention the same as input in_ConfigFile.ToString

Cheers @Soudios

yah thats fine buddy
kindly check the value in config file (excel)
i hope we would have read from that

Here i need to write the adresse from my computer ?

No the error actually says that there is no such Workbook or may be the sheet name mentioned
we need to validate that

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This looks perfect actually, really strange
Kindly retry once in debug mode and check it
better recreate that activity alone and try once

The excel file is not in data/config.xlsx did a put the adresse in the value ?

oh you mean like the Config.xlsx is not in Data folder
if so mention that particular folder and try once

i create the folder and put it inside and it worked

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