Got this error after everything is fine

I am getting the excel not reading error.


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In the Excel file name input
Buddy @balkishan

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Hey @balkishan,

It seems like workbook does not exist.

Can you check the value of in_ConfigFile?is it the correct workbook path you are looking for.
in_ConfigFile is the dictionary of type string,object and you should pass some key value to get the data from the dictionary object.

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It resolved when I give the full path of the excel file but when I give only Config.xlsx then it throw this error attahed in snap shot.


Was doing a silly mistake to type the name manually, I copied and paste it now it’s working. Thanks @Palaniyappan @amarasto :slight_smile:

Kindly check whether Config.xlsx is THERE INSIDE ANY FOLDER within the project folder rather directly in the project folder
even for reference you can the full path whether it is inside any folder or not
if its inside any folder we need to mention that path as well buddy

Cheers @balkishan

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