Image exist did not work

image existe did not work on a pdf file:

i had put waitforready to none, interactive but accuracy 0.8 timeout 3000

UIpath version: 2016.2.6344

befor the “image exist” i had sent a hotkey clt + " to fit for the screen

any news

hello and thank you for sharing your concern.

can you please share your results, this is in order to reproduce and double check, ´cause in my cause it’s working perfectly.


Hello beesheep, i’m working under windows 7 entreprise, uipath version 2016.2.6344

klh.xaml (19.5 KB)

here is the code, any help

Can you add selector of the main application and set timeout as 2000.

thanks palindrom, there is no selector for the main!
i had set the timeout to 2000 but the problem stay the same