Image Exists not working as intended

I want create project about access application on virtual machine. The first I want to show this screen by use image exists activities If this screen does not appear, click continue until you reach this screen. But when I use image exists to get image if image true go to then loops but image false go to else loops to click until find display . Program not working as intended. It go to else loops every time.Sometimes the screen is displayed but the program go to else loop , causing an error.
I’m not sure What did I do wrong.

Main.xaml (93.3 KB)
Thank you for answer.

Try these:

  • How about increase image exist time out (30000)property value .

  • Change WaitForRead option from interactive to complete.

  • play around with image accuracy property between 0 to 1.

  • Keep some delay between the activity .

If still returning false then try to grab the short sized and more unique image (by looking at screenshot your focusing on whole window so just grab small part(may be just grab submit/login button i’m not sure about the language though) of that image and give a try )


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Thank you ddpadil :smiley:

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