Image Exists issues

I am having difficulties with using “image exists” activity. Seems to be highly unreliable. Returns true when an image does not exist and vice versa is also true.
I have to use this activity in my Citrix automation. Please, please provide suggestions to make it reliable. Thank you so much!


Try making the image in the activity bigger as when the image is too small I have found it unreliable.

So, experiment making it find a bigger image.



use check app state activity instead, if you cant find it you need to enable modern design experience

In order for us to help you need to provide details. Post screenshots of your Image Exists activity and properties. If they’re not fully visible, post the selectors too.

@A_Learner just to add on to my previous response
if you use check app state theres an option to make it so that the element must be FULLY VISIBLE , this will make it way more reliable

Hi @A_Learner,
you can take a look at these suggestions:

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