Image Exist Timeout - not working


Is this fixed? I am using Community Edition 19.2 and I can’t make it work.
Basically, I need the bot to continuously search for an image but needs to timeout every 2 secs. the minimum refresh I could get is around 11+ seconds. It is crucial because the image only appears for about 15secs, so the bot is missing it.

Sorry the version is 2019.9.2

Hi there @randyreyes

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Seems like a looping query. If you have gone through the academy training in uipath the following will be pretty simple.

  1. Create a while loop with an exit condition
  2. In that looping construct load the image (or have the image in the UiPath memory anything works)
  3. Search for that image using the image exists activity (normally a match percentage of 70 to 75 percentage should work never keep it 100% unless you will be running it in the same Depth, breath and height - resolution of a machine)

Get back after trying this and if issues still persist



I already tried that. Actually, I’ve tried Image Exist and On Image Appear, the results were the same. They are both inside Do While condition until the boolean is true. I need the activity to reset every 2 seconds if it didn’t found the image.

I see that you have only 2 seconds in the TimeOutMS, and I surmise that it takes mroe than 2 seconds to compare the whole screen (maybe you can try finding a better comparable image instead of a small image in a large screen) or you can try to find that image in parallel where you keep refreshing and search for the image in real time in parallel.

Try this, and if issue persists maybe I can help you build that workflow, do get back ont he results :slight_smile: