I'm not able to capture selectors on Chrome

The Ui path extension on chrome doesnit seem to work. I’m not able to capture the search bar. IS there any solution

Hi @absam

Check this

Ashwin S

it seems the uipath extensions work on ui path sites while it is not able access other site data.

Hello @absam

Check if your extension is correctly installed on your browser ? If so, it must be something with the process or web page you are tyring to access.

If not installed, try to install it, if you can’t or even installed won’t work, check if your browser ain’t limited by your company.

Also, if you are using incognito mode, make sure that your extension is enabled on incognito mode too.

I have installed and set up the Extension as specified but the ChromeNativeMessaging.exe is not running in task manager


Do you have something like this :point_down:

Sans titre

I’m having this error on the extension


Please check if you have the following :

yes I have


So that means you won’t be able to use UiPath on chrome, since your company policies, won’t let you install any extension. You must contact your IT departement to let you install UiPath extension. Or use an other browser

An other way, if you have admin privileges, is unistall your chrome, restart your computer, download chrome, install it as administrator, install uipath extension and try again.

Note, that once your restart your computer you company policies will apply again. But once your extension is installed you can use normaly.

Note, you might need admin privileges.

Let me know if this works for you.

still the same issue