Uipath Chrome Extension Issue

Hi All,

Recently, I’ve installed the UiPath Chrome extension. I found out that it was not working properly.
Error: We detected that you are trying the capture in a browser and you extension is not enabled.
Please enable uipath extension before continuing

Can somebody help me on this issue.

Hi @Anu1991

Check this post

Ashwin S

Can you try re-installing the extension @Anu1991
If the extension is installed perfectly, then all the tabs will automatically refreshes or just restart the studio

I had some issues as well when I initially installed the Google Chrome Extension for UiPath… By searching it in the Google Store I wasn’t able to find any success, but when I installed it via my Studio Client I had no issues.

Also another notable silly mistake I had a lot when I was starting using it was not choosing the Browser Type. It used to default to IE, but in the latest version I don’t think it defaults to anything, but I’ve definitely thought it was broken for a minute or two a few times just because I forgot that step…