Chrome is not supporting

Hi all,

I wanted to develop a project using an application in chrome. i have added uipath extension in chrome but still am not able to capture any element (eg: using click acticity) when i do so it captures whole screen inside chrome please suggest me anyone, what i have to do my uipath work on chrome.
it correctly works on IE. But i want it in chrome

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Hi @vinutha1

Have you tried using f2 and F3 to indicate on screen


f2 is for delay …f3 il try using @AshwinS2. Thank you

Hi @vinutha1

please download the older versions of chrome.

There can be two chances
—Make sure, after installing the chrome extension Both uipath Studio and the browser should be restart.
That would work for sure

—the application would be of that type like the elements are projected as image
If so we can use Computer vision activities to access those elements

Cheers @vinutha1

it says chrome extension not added @AshwinS2. it already added

Yes…i think you are using new version of chrome so new version of chrome not support so please download older version