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I have to enter data into a website. After reading the first csv, I would go to the open browser activity and enter the data. When I want to enter the data for the second csv, I just have to click “Add” in website. Technically I dont have to open the browser and login again. How can i just proceed to add without opening a new browser and the log in again? What should be in the condition? (Something like dont have to open browser for second csv)

Is there any alternative?



Attach browser can be used.


Please find the sample workflow.
Attach_browser.xaml (10.1 KB)


But remember if there is opened Browser you can pass variable about connection to Browser (UiBrowser) so you are sure that all operation will be inside this browser.


Hi, thank you for your reply.

I am new to uipath… so how do I use the Attach Browser?


sorry I am new to uipath.what do you mean by pass variable about connection to Browser?


There is an activity Attach Browser.
Indicate browser by clicking on opened browser (remember to what browser are u using, now IE, CHrome and Mozilla (last with add-on) are supported)


Attach browser is an activity. Just drag and drop to use it.


An alternate method is to do Web recording.






You need to increment the counter for the next file.
Please share the workflow which you are working with. Let me modify it


I have solved my error. Thn]ank you.