Attach Browser / Navigate To problem

Hi guys,

I’m quite new to UiPath and I’m trying to check whether the browser is opened or not. When it’s opened I want the program to use the already opened browser and navigate to the specified URL. I’m having a problem with attach browser and navigate to activities. How to get them to work ? I assume I have to assign existing browser to browser variable. Can You help on the issue ? Thanks

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Hi there razor34,

  1. To confirm the browser is open, you can use an [element exists].
  2. Following this, you can utilise selection to determine the appropriate action, for example:
    IF bBrowserExists THEN
    – Log it exists
    – Open the browser
  3. Once you’ve determined it is open, or opened it, you can attach to it via selectors and navigate.

I’ve included a basic example, but please let me know if there are any further issues.

Thanks in advance!

Main.xaml (14.7 KB)

Hi Guys,

I am also facing problem with navigate to activity.
My application is supposed to work as below:-
i) Navigate to a url. (Parent browser window)
ii) Click on a button which in turns a opens up a new browser window. (Child browser window)
iii) Do some actions on the child browser window and close it.
iv) Navigate to next url in the parent browser window and perform the above ii & iii points.
This should happen for few items.

What actually is happening:-
i) Navigates to the url.
ii) Clicks on a button which in turns opens up a new browser window with corresponding details.
iii) Able to do required actions on the newly opened window and it getting closed.
iv) Parent window doesn’t navigate to next URL.

Note:- This happens only for the first iteration. Means from the second iteration it is getting navigated to he new url.
Which also means that the same action is being performed on 1st Record twice.

I have checked the URL which is getting generated in each iteration. They are getting generated perfectly.

Kindly help.

Arpit Gupta