Can we use Excel Application Scope with Other Excel open



First I am copying the data from opened Excel
Pasting the data in desktop application
Replacing(By using (Cntrl+F) the pasted data from the excel application scope
Then have to copy the replaced data in opened excel ,

While doing this process when ever I start Excel Application Scope my opened Excel is closing automatically.

How it keep it open even though other Excel Application Scope is Running,Any suggestion Appreciated



I don’t understand you fully, but I might be able to answer your question.

I could be wrong, but I believe if the Excel Scope opens the file then it will close it; if the file was already opened then it won’t close it unless you use Close Workbook. So you could just open it before the Excel Scope with for example Open Application (Excel.exe with Filename for Argument)




You can open the second excel file while keeping the first open by putting the second excel scope inside of the first, like so:



The question is I already have opened excel workbook and i am opening excel application scope and using it while i am running the bot the excel is closing .

Thank you



I have a excel open already and then I am using excel application scope for other rows to get the data .But when I am doing it opened Excel is also closing automatically.

Thank you


@Kishore2,You’re saying you already opened an excel using excel application scope,You can read the data in the previously opened scope.You are performing operations on the same file Then why you wan’t to use excel application scope again.


No,The opened excel is not in excel application scope ,Its just a excel spread sheet which is in open stage .
Other one is excel excel application scope which I am trying to open while opened excel is still open on the desktop.It is not allowing me to do so.



@Kishore2 Try to use kill process activity and close the opened excel.Then you can use excel application scope to open your excel file


But I need to have my open excel application is open to past the data from other applications .

Thank you


Then provide some delay for pasting the data and then use kill process @Kishore2


Thank you sreekanth ,I tried and it still now working as expected to work .

Thank you


@kishore Use workbook readrange and read the data.It is working fine with excel opened.Hope this solves your issue


Excallent ,Sreekanth its working fine for now.

Thank you