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After write range excel file closes, how to keep excel file open for other operations

Hey @Sub123

For any Excel related operation it is preferable to use “Excel Application Scope” Activity.

In this scope you can perform any excel related operation after each other.

Opens an Excel Workbook and provides a scope for Excel Activities. When this Activity ends, the Workbook and the Excel application are closed. If a WorkbookApplication variable is provided in the Output > Workbook property field, the spreadsheet is not closed after the activity ends. If the specified file does not exist, a new Excel file is created. This activity can only be used if the Microsoft Excel application is installed on your machine.

All this happens in background and if you will will uncheck the visible property of any read range or other excel activities you will not even see the excel open and close by uipath.


Please go through with “Excel Trainings” as well from Training Materials. :slight_smile:



Here After Write Range it has done it will close since you might have chosen “Workbook Write Range”… So if you want to do other operations as well define “Excel Application Scope” first, with in its body write all excel related operations…
If you still want to Open Excel file after all operations use “Start Process” activity to view the operations affected on excel…

Okay, Thank you :slight_smile:

Subha B

It worked for me.Thanks Akash.