Using Excel activities on already opened Excel file


For an automation I need to press on a button in a specific application that opens an Excel file. Within this Excel file I need to change some values, save the Excel file and close it again. Is it possible to use the Excel activities (like Excel Application Scope, Write Cell, Read Range, …) on an already opened Excel? It seems that if you want to use the Excel Application Scope, the Excel file needs to be saved somewhere locally on your computer. Is there a workaround for this?

If not, my workaround was to save the Excel file that opens locally. Use the Excel Application Scope on that file. There I will do all the changes. Then I copy the whole spreadsheet from that Excel (with send hotkeys ctrl+a & ctrl+c) to the Excel that opened in the beginning after pressing on the button.

Any better suggestions?

Thank you very much!


You can’t use these activities on already opened excel file. If you want to use it then download the excel file and do required changes using Excel or Workbook activities.

If you want to do without downloading the file then you need to use Ui interactions.

Hello @MTS

As you mentioned you can download the excel and do all the data manipulation.

Then is there any upload option available to upload the excel.

Copying from local excel and pasting it to a Ui based excel will not give proper result.

Unfortunately there is no upload option available. My idea was to open the excel after all the manipulation has happened and copy all data from one to another (using hotkeys).

Understood. As there are no options to upload as you mentioned you will have to do as per you mentioned. by using the hotkeys.

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