I need Help with an idea for automation (data entered into autotrader)


i am still very new to UI path and could do with some help or ideas with something I am trying to automate.

i have this excel spreadsheet with data (number plates), i need a bot to take each line of data and paste it into autotrader/ any car site search box. i then need the bot to report which ones are on the site and which ones are not on the site.

hope this makes sense. any help is appreciated

Hi @Hafi ,

You could try the Following Steps :

  1. Use WorkBook Read Range Activity to read the Excel file, mentioning the Sheetname. Create a Datatable Variable say DT. Assign it as the Output Datatable of the Read Range Activity. You can maybe add a Status Column to the Datatable for Reporting if there isn’t a Column for Reporting present already.

  2. Next, we can use For Each Row Activity to loop through the Data in the Datatable DT which in turn contains Data from the Excel.

  • Considering that "Number Plates" is the Column Name that you want to access from Excel.
    Inside the For Each Row Activity, we can use a Type Into Activity, Indicate the Search Box where the Bot needs to Type the Number Plate.

  • In the Type Into Activity, use the value as CurrentRow("Number Plates").ToString as the value.

For this Step, maybe we would require still more info about what are we capturing from the website.

However, You Could try using Get Text Activity.

Use Get Text Activity after Type Into Activity and Indicate the Ui Element Text that you want to Capture.

We can then Check if this is the Required Value using an If Activity, then Update the Status Column in the Excel Accordingly.

Thank you, i will give this a go