UiPath Excel Copy and Paste Loop

I am trying to build a bot to copy data from multiple columns in excel into a separate program. I have attached sample data so that you can see what I am talking about.

I’d like for the bot to copy and paste each item and then go to the next row and do it again until all records are entered.

An additional issue is that the bot will need to scroll down on the application that it is inputting the copied data into.

Is there a way to perform all these actions?

uipath sample data.xlsx (8.9 KB)

@mlanham can do! welcome to the community too!!

You should perform a read range activity to take your spreadsheet and put it into a data table. Your next step would be to loop through each row in the data table (for each row activity) and use a type into activity to enter your data from each row into the application (on the first iteration of the for each row activity- row(0).tostring would get you the cell value in B1, row(1).tostring would get you the cell value in B2. I’m on mobile so I cant include any screenshots at the moment but hopefully this gets you on the right path.

As for entering data into records that are not visible on the screen- Yes you can, just make sure to test :slight_smile: you might need to add a variable to your selector to make sure the location of the record you are entering data into increments as you are going down the records.