Importing specific cell from Excel to other application

Hi, I’m a bit stuck with following quite simple project:

Let’s say we have Excel file which has two column list: name and some other variable. The goal is that the robot would import the variable to a search box of some web site and then search that text. As a result there would be some text “yes” or “no” at the site and that text should get back to new column in excel file.

Any tips for this? Thx in advance

Hi @amateur88 and welcome to UiPath forum !
So if in understand, you have column A and column B, and you want to write the result in column C.
First, you should:

  • use read range activity to read your excel file
  • use add column and give it C name
  • use foreach row, and inside this loop, you should use Type Into activity (inside the element to write, it should be someting like row(“nameofcolumnB”).to string) and you add a click activity to click on the search button
  • still inside the foreach loop, use get text activity to get the answer of the website (Yes or No)
  • still inside the foreach loop, use IF activity, if the output of get text = “Yes” then row(“nameofCcolumn”) = “Yes”, else row(“nameofCcolumn”) = “No”

Let me know if you have more specific questions