How to set up activities for automation to check filed in Excel

im new here and counting on your help. I’m trying to find solution for automation to check in Excel file if given filed has something or not and if there is something he should do A steps or if no text do B steps.

thank you for all help

Hi @Lyubashenko_Aleksandra ,

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Please follow below steps and let us know. thanks.

  1. Use Workbook read range and input your excel file path and store the entire data in the data table.

  2. Use for each row loop assign your data table. and use below expression for specific field.

if → CurrentRow(“ColumnName”)=“A”

then flow do your positive approach

else flow your some other approach

thank you. still trying to figure it out!!! to have it worked.

i have another question if I may: im working on excel data to be entered into the web and i have one filed for which when i put data im getting some result and i should click on the name im searching for. how to set up something like that?

thank you in advanced

Hi @Lyubashenko_Aleksandra ,

Your welcome.

I have seen these kind of applications behavior. In my opinion it is just giving suggestion no need to select the correct option in the suggestion list. Once you enter the data in the text field use click activity to click the inside text field. Please try and let us know. Thanks.

Hello @Lyubashenko_Aleksandra ,

From your screen shot, that control looks like a like a multi-functional drop-down . Have you tried using Type Into to directly input the text into the integrated text box of that control?

If not, you could try using the Select Item activity to select the item in the drop-down that matches your incoming data.


Hi Andy,
thank you for your help and suggestions.
Yes I try Type into to enter the needed info into that filed.
I cannot use Select item activity as I’m getting an error - This control does not support select item.

this mention filed needs to have value entered first and then this popup drop down list is shown where you need to click directly on needed item - otherwise it’s not working.

Thank you

unfortunately we need to click on the highlighted element to enter it in this field. I tried click activity based on your suggestion but it’s not working as correct value needs to be choose from popping list.

thank you

Okay. There are a couple of other ways to do it.

One way is to use the desktop or web recorder to record the action of selecting a value from that drop-down. And once you have the recording, you could modify the selector to use a variable to make the Robot select the value at run time.

The other way is to use the Pause Select after Delay feature using the F2 key when indicating an element on the screen with a Get Text or Click Activity . Pressing F2 before making the selection will give you enough time to expand the drop-down list and position your cursor on an item before the pause timer expires.


I hope this helps.