Automate a task combining an Excel list and website data

Hello guys,

Here is the deal. I started a new summer job, and was asked to do the following task:

  1. Open Excel, get a list of item numbers tied to a list of products.
  2. Copy/paste the item number into a search bar of a competitors website.
  3. Get an unique product page where the price is listed.
  4. Copy this price and paste it back into the Excel file.
  5. Repeat 1,561 times.

For obvious reasons this is poor use of human capital, and I would like to try to use UIPath to automate it as a personal for fun project. Though, I am inexperienced with UIPath and need your guidance on how to attack this problem.

Should I focus more on learning the basics as of now, or is there step-by-step examples (e.g. via YT or PDFs) of a similar task I could follow?

Thanks for your help!:grinning:

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Hello and welcome!

It’s always good to use the available learning portals to get the basics, so you can learn at your own pace and tackle the issues you face more efficiently.

That said the approach i’d probably take for this task would be the following:

  1. Read excel to datatable (Workbook - Read Range)
  2. Add new column (if not yet present) ‘Competitor price’
  3. Open the search page (Open Browser)
  4. For Each Row in read Datatable
    Type into search field row(“Item Num”).ToString
    Click Search
    Get Text - new price
    row(“Competitor price”) = newPrice
  5. Write updated datatable to excel (Workbook - Write Range)


Hi Pål

Topi’s answer is spot on so follow that.

If you want to learn more about UiPath and RPA then use the academy for foundation training, it will give you a good understanding of the basics

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Exactly what I need, very much appreciated! You’re a total homie!

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Hello, Go through this, it has every which you are looking for.
Web Automation UiPath: