Can multiple un-attended robots all run as the same Windows user account?


We are new to UIPath and we have purchased one un-attended robot license and are considering buying a second. Our company is quite heavy with bureaucracy and getting a generic user created has been a nightmare due to internal rules and policies. After 4 months I should soon have this generic user ready. My question is: If we buy a second (or third, etc.) UIPath unattended robot license and spin up a second robot machine, can both robots have the same windows username in Orchestrator? Internally it’s no issue I can sign to as many machines as I like, but Orchestrator may be another issue.



Hello @Pasha,

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Sadly as per my current understanding of Orchestrator and Modern Folders. This will be a difficult problem to solve.

Since the unattended license is delegated to a named user (AD User) the same user cannot run on two different licenses at the same time on two different machines / machine template.

I have tested this on two non production licenses, with two different machines and one robot user.

The moment you run the two processes at the same time the first process starts and consumes the user (busy) with the first license and the 2nd process with the second license will then need to wait until the user is free.

We have therefore decided to ensure each machine/machine template will be allocated a dedicated robot user.

I am also interested to see if there is a better alternative way. If someone else has some ideas, please do post your experience.

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Thanks for your reply. I was afraid this was the answer as I tried to test an attended license on another machine, but with the same user name that held a Dev license and it would not work. I will re-double my efforts to maximize the one robot then as this makes purchasing another license super difficult.

Thanks again

Hi @rogerfries, I believe many are facing this challenge. I had raised a ticket to get clarity from UiPath support and below is the reply received. Currently we will have to achieve this by using Classic Folder/Standard Robots only. May be if UiPath gets enough attention about this issue, they may come up with a solution in future release. Going back to classic folder when UiPath themselves say it’s going to get deprecated is not a wise choice I guess. Lets hope for a solution :slight_smile:

It’s certainly in UIPath’s best interest to make it easy for us to buy more licenses!