I have no option except xpath to perform operations on a particular web element, i have explored the elements by using uipath explorer but no use

There is no pattern or any unique attributes available in my case … please help asap
Thanks in advance.

Just share some more details of your case, so we can better help. What was done , what was failing?

This a search results section, when i need to extract the visible text from each results and later if it satisfies some condition then will click ok this and proceed further for next process. Here is a ss i have attached.

We do see different variations from the records (1 with an add to cart button, others without). So in the next analysis, we would recommend, to analyze more the details/structures from the different records. Based on the results we can derive the extraction strategy.

Analysis can be done with:

  • Ui-Explorer
  • Browser Webtools / F12
  • quick configuration check of Data Scraping wizard


Below is the SS of uiexporer where I did not find any unique identifier or any pattern except some random generated ID…same as using inspect element in website

@ppr can you please explain me bit specifically, since i am not aware of any advance uipath functionalities to solve this issue.

as mentioned start with an analysis on the structure for the blocks and break it down to the more inner elements:

  • block level: green box, yellow box
  • the names
    etc more inner

Just find out what are the common parent elements / html elements for the different sections, where does it differ.

Here the Browser F12 Webtools are helpfully for the first quick check.