Can uipath be given multiple selectors to locate a single selector on a webpage?



I’m using Get Text activity along with the asterisk wild card to extract text from multiple webpages. The problem I’m having is the text will sometimes appear in a different location. This changes the entire selector so I’m not able to substitute the tittle with the asterisk wild card. In my case the selector is for the Product features as shown in figures 3 and 4.

How can I get uipath to run a search to find a selector and if not found begin a new task with a different selector until a match is located? I’m still learning so if you can, please use pics in your explanation.
Thank you.

Div Vacuum




This was my best attempt.
I’ve tried every condition from the training videos but I could
only scrape one ui element the other couldn’t be found and crashed. I’m sure I’ll have more then two selectors in the future. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Figure.6) This is how both the DivFeatureBullets and Div are setup



You could look in UiExplorer for a parameter that is consistent like the idx or another tag identifier.

You might consider the “Find Children” activity, then loop through each child until you find a particular word and you can retrieve the child and text you want. However, I don’t have an example on me.

You could also just Get Text of the entire page, then .Split the text by certain text.

Maybe Extract Structured Data will help get the Text too.

Just throwing out a few ideas.


Hi ClaytonM. Thank you for replying.
The UiExplore method didn’t show correlating attributes for either one of the selectors. Although I am interested in the “Find Children” activity. Can you show me how it works in a flow chart? This is my first time hearing of it. Thanks again.

Exactly were do I place the keyword into “Find Children” so it can begin searching? The word will be “feature” sense both selectors have that in common.




Thanks aksh1yadav for posting the 2 examples of the Find Children Activity. They were both helpful.