Hi, I am trying to extract the given text as shown below. I am opening multiple URL’s for which these numbers will be different. Basically it will be of the form 1-number of number as shown below. I need to extract this text for all the URLs.I am using get visible text to extract but it gives me an error saying cannot find UI element. Can anyone let me know how to proceed with this?



a crosscheck within uiexplorer should help for more detail understanding of the situation. So indiacte to this text element and inspect its Properties (left side Property Explorer, maybe to pin)

Maybee aaname or text property holds the information on that you are interested. Retrieving it could done with get Attribute activity and using attribute name found as described by above

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Hi @nole_1,
can you try to get is using Get Text Activity then check the selector in Ui explorer.

If you are not able to find Ui Element.

Use Get OCR Text

Use get text activity
The attribute inside selector might be giving the error

If the selector is having “aaname” attribute then use
aaname = ‘* of *’

using aaname attribute property my selector is not getting validated.Below is the selector

just check: is ember8435 reliable or changing for each page call
kindly note: your selector 1 - * of * maybe fail for 2cond page as it starts not with 1
Give a try on the uiexplorer repair function

The ember will change for every page.Also 1 is constant for every page.


So If i got U right selector is not reliable? Lets Checkout other qualifiying Attributes or using anchors additional