I can't uninstall it after reinstalling uipath

I tried to install uipath version 2020.10.2, so I uninstalled the latest version of uipath, but there was a problem. When I opened the old version after the installation was completed, I couldn’t open the project, so I was going to uninstall and reinstall, then the installation had problems again, with an error when installing custom components. When I reinstalled the component, I found that the Excel studioX component could not be installed and reported an error as soon as I installed it. Then I was going to uninstall it again, but I waited for a long time and it didn’t finish.And I keep getting stuck at 75% when installing custom components

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Have a view on this file on how to modify or uninstall the studio and it’s components

And for fix in installation

Cheers @HuaiYe


Hi, @Palanyiappan
The problem I found with it was the failure of dependencies due to network issues.
And I solve the uninstall problem.
But thanks your answer!I think it can help more people like me.

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Is there any further queries on this topic

Cheers @HuaiYe

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