Update uninstalled my UiPath Studio/Assistant but didn't reinstall. Cannot manually install

Screenshot 2023-09-23 084923
I receive this error while trying to reinstall after failed update.

You can Download from the UiPath Website , to ensure you have the latest version.


I did but I received that error when I tried to install it

Hi @an9elia ,

Could you let us know whether an uninstall was done first ?

If not could you perform it and then perform the Installation again ?

Also, check after uninstallation if there are any programs still present from the Programs Panel.

The Error most probably states the UiPath Services are still running in the background, could also check from the Task Manager and kill/end the tasks;

It was no longer in the list of installed files so I could not uninstall.
Nothing in the task list.
It is no longer in the Programs list.

It feels like this is the issue, have you checked the Task Scheduler?

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Hi @an9elia,
As @Jon_Smith said this might be related to a previously created task in the Task Scheduler. Newer installers are checking this before the installation to prevent any issues and errors since we no longer support scheduled tasks. Now the Assistant and Orchestrator already have such a feature.

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