Hyperlink us in outlook mail body

i copy urifrom excel and store in a variable when i pass variable to email body it showing full uri ,i want to show it in hyper link and when click this link it trigger my uri which store in variable

You need to amend the HTML body to add anchor tags around any hyperlink to be able to click them as links in the email.

Hi Suman,

In send outllook mail activity check the is bodyHTML check box and include the html tags in the body you want to send to get the url has a hyper link.

NOTE: it is applicable to Send SMTP mail activity also.

Shiva Thammagonda

Hi @sumanBera,

I have created a workflow in order to resolve your clarity.
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Please make it as solution if you find it is helpful to you.URL.zip (17.9 KB)


Whether my above workflow is given solution for your or not @sumanBera


HI all I solve this issue…using html boday in email boday

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row 0 include link for button
row 1 title
row 2 include images url

but there is problem can u help me?

hw.xlsx (9.2 KB)

I Created Specific folder and Pass the variable(X). I am using Send Outlook message. The body as Click!. When I trying to click this Hyperlink the folder was not Opened. How to resolve this problem.
Screenshot 2022-12-30 150319