How to pass hyperlink in email body in UiPath

Hi Team,
I am passing the folder path as hyperlink but shows an error . Please find the html code below for your reference.
Kindly suggest!!


Hi Team,

+"Please find the final Comparision File name "+ FinalReport +"Is uploded To the follwing floder."

+ .](>.)
+ "Nagasneha DULAM." "

I put in floder path inside the <\a>

Is that correct
Please help me to slove the issue and I pass the variable name as FinalReport that variable also in bold format.

Kindly help me
Thanks in advance.

Please find attachment of error image below for your reference.


Hey @NS7799,

Have a look on the below thread.


Thanks @Sanjit_Pal ,

I tried there is no error but output will not correct please find the attachment below.
In that output I am not getting url and FinalReport as bold …

Please suggest
Where I need change the html code
I want hyperlink and FinalReport as bold.

@NS7799 replace the “.” with some other text e.g. “Sharepoint link” ,

actually your hyperlink is here


but its a “.” because you set it to be a full stop here, so change ".’ to something else


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Hey @NS7799,

Use the attached text file as the email body html text.
Sample.html (333 Bytes)

Write down the code in studio as the below screenshot.

The expected output would be


Thanks @Sanjit_Pal ,

Will check update you.

I am unable to download the code .
Can you please send me the screenshot of the code.

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