Send hyperlink via mail body

I am sending an email which contains a link
but instead of providing the whole link, i want to give a hyperlink saying “here” which when clicked upon should open the desirable URL
i am using send outlook mail message activity here
so how should i design my mail body in order to send this hyperlink

Hi @Aishwarya_Bhargava
You can use the html for this

let say for example i had created html template with hyperlink for the mail body in a text file
[For the mail which is having hyperlinks use html template for creating the mail body]
assume the below is the mail body


                   <h1>HTML Links</h1>

                   <p><a href="">Visit!</a></p>


now the read the text file and store in string format and then put the string in the body section of mail activity, also check the isbodyhtml as highlighted below

Hope it helps you


Nived N

Happy Automation


  1. Use send outlook mail message with checked property IsBodyHTML and use below string in the body

yes using that only.

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using this only

What is issue then?


Please recheck your properties.
Below screenshot for reference

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