How try catch and retry scope is different?

how try catch and retry scope is different?
Help me to understand the difference between this two. how it can be different

Try Catch : activity is used when you want to test something and handle the exception accordingly. So, whatever you want to test you can put it under the try section, and then if any error occurs, then it can be handled using the catch section, based on your input to the catch section.

Retry : Retries the contained activities as long as the condition is not met or an error is thrown.
Eg : You create a workflow and it throws error but you want it to execute again you can retry

how many times it can retry


lets go one by one

  1. Try catch can help you to capture the exception with its CATCH block where as Retry scope can only retry to the number of times you have mentioned and when its over it throws error

  2. both the activities are used for exception handling

  3. Try catch is used if you want to catch the exception, retry with set of activities and few more steps despite of exception with its FINAL block
    where as
    in Retry scope you can retry to n number of time you want if an activity doesnt work or throws error based on the condition you have set in CONDITION BLOCK

  4. structure wise TRY CATCH has 3 blocks TRY, CATCH and FINAL
    where Retry scope has 2 blocks ACTION and CONDITION

  5. Try catch you can capture any type of exception you get with CATCH Block as you can define n number of exception type but
    in retry scope it is not possible you can only retry and wont be able to capture it

Hope this helps
Cheers @babita

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Any number of times

NumberOfRetries - The number of times that the sequence is to be retried


Yes, Is there any max number?

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no not really
you can retry to any number you want

default NumberOfRetries is 3 and the Retry Interval is 5

got it, it is helpful for me. thank you

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