How to Ignore Retry Scope when Using a Throw Activity

So here’s my problem. I set-up a retry scope for when a certain Element Exists returns false. If the Element Exists is True, do some activities. Now, Tried adding a try-catch on the “do some activities” for when if something went wrong with it. It would throw the error on the other catch and that it won’t retry. Problem is, the throw activity in the Try-catch won’t go to other parent try-catch, but will retry instead.

Hi @Archie
please refer below link
hope this might help you

Didn’t work in mine. This is actually how I set-up my workflow.

Hi @Archie

Could you share the skeleton of the workflow so that it may be easy to understand your query?



Probably you don’t need to put “do something activity” in Retry Scope. So the following works.

or if you need to put “do something activity” in Retry Scope for some reason, the following will work.

note : ex is Exception type