Retry Scope, Try Catch Precedence

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This is trivial (again), but i’ll ask anyway.

What should be the order in using retry scope and try catch block?

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Hi @avlavarias

first create a try catch activity within catch block use retry scope

Ashwin S

It’s purely based on the process and the application involved buddy
—keep the RETRY SCOPE inside the TRY block of TRY CATCH activity and if any of the activity inside the RETRY SCOPE if fails (either from DO apart or in CONDITION part) it will be caught by the CATCH block

Structure :

—Retry Scope Do Part
—Retry Scope Condition part

—Keep the activities inside the DO part alone of RETRY SCOPE within TRY block of TRY CATCH activity
So that if any activity inside the Do part of RETRY scope alone fails it will be caught by CATCH block

But on doing this if the condition part of Retry Scope if fails it won’t be caught as we haven’t included that in Try Catch activity

Structure :

Retry Scope
— Try block
— Retry scope Do part
— Catch
Retry scope condition part

Cheers @avlavarias

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Hi @Palaniyappan

buddy can we give retry scope activity inside catch block?

Ashwin S

Well if we go by the first choice as mentioned in the previous comment
And if the RETRY SCOPE fails at any point will be carried forward to Catch block where we can stop the process either or we can re do the same RETRY SCOPE activity if we want,
So it can be included based on the need or process

Cheers @AshwinS2

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