Exception Handling Try catch and retry

Am I supposed to place try catch activity inside retry activity or retry activity inside try catch activity? And Why?

Hi @Amr_Nweery ,

You can place the Retry Scope activity inside the Try Catch activity. This is done such that the Retry scope performs/tries to execute the code block within the given number of times. Failing to do so will throw out an error.

In such case the Try Catch will catch the Exception, and in the Catch part we can provide the necessary details added to the Exception Message if for instance we are writing to a Log.

If you are trying to place the Try Catch activity inside of a Retry Scope, then it would be that we are just capturing the log message in the Catch part unless we explicitly throw an Error in it or use a Rethrow, which seems unnecessary and extra implementation.

Let us know if the above seems familiar for your case or if you were able to understand the above scenario.

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