How to use updated Invoke Activity in uipath version 2019.5

Hello Everyone,
I have completed advanced training assignment 1(calculate client security hash). Uipath is updated and invoke activity is also updated.I am not able to save default value of arguments in invoke activity. Please help me out.


Yes, it seems like some issue with current version 2019.5.0. UIpath team found this issue and they are working on this.


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Hi @Shinu

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You can edit your arguments in the Properties of the Invoke Workflow activity here:

Import arguments button is there for you to quickly import arguments from the Workflow. To use it properly, you would do this:

  1. Add arguments in the target workflow
  2. Add Invoke Workflow activity and point to that workflow
  3. Click Import Arguments to automatically import arguments. If you have variables with the same names in the ‘top’ workflow, then those will be automatically assigned to the arguments :slight_smile:

Oh, the quick mapping feature in 2019.5, that’s news to me. That’s great then, no individual mapping, same name in both workflow arguments and it gets mapped to each other…!!

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Okay Thanks

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Hello sir,
Its not working. I am not able to save default values in the argument.

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Check below thread and follow.

New workflow doesnt have edit arguments - #5 by lakshman

Hello @Raghavendraprasad
Do you know why assignment 3 (Generate Yearly Report) works sometimes slow in internet explorer. I have made workflow but after running for sometimes it starts to work very slow in internet explorer. Please help me out.

Yeah, if running a cache, form data and history clearer batch file/code if it still persists you can try chrome. I think it is by design but I am not sure either. Hope this helps.

@Raghavendraprasad Thanks
I wanted to ask one more question. I am running uipath workflow through robot not from studio. I am able to run it but the report is not saving for generate yearly report. Please help me out.