Edit Arguments is not available in Invoke Workflow in 2019.5.0 Community Edition

Edit Arguments is not available in Invoke Workflow in 2019.5.0 Community Edition.
Cannot edit the arguments value.

Can downgrade to previous version?
When will be fixed this issue?


Yes it’s known issue and UIpath team working on this. I request you to wait some days for next update.

Hi @Loongwang

You can edit your arguments in the Properties of the activity :slight_smile:
The ‘missing’ Edit Arguments button is gone by design.


Hi @loginerror

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Can you explain how then? Because I can’t get the config variable to match up to the in_config argument on my process. When I look at Invoke InitAllApplications workflow I can see everything and the config variable is available when I click Import Arguements, but it doesn’t save. When I open InitAllApplications, I don’t see the config variable anymore to link it to in_config.


If the name of the variable in top workflow and the argument in the invoked workflow are the same (i.e. both in_config), then click Import Arguments and they will be assigned automatically.

If they are not, click Import Arguments once and then OK. You can now edit your arguments by clicking here:

Do not edit your arguments again via Import Arguments button, but rather via the Properties menu. This will save you the headache.

Also, this behaviour will be further improved to never override already assigned values with this Import Arguments button.


How do you import arguments if the import arguments button clears them every time you click it?

@alicat0818, Edit Arguments in Properties, refer to screenshot.


This was helpful! Cheers!!

qq: which one is right right now we have edit arguments along with imports . or is it better to have only s ?import argument

invoke work file activity itself changed please suggest me here …arguments are disabled

Hi @arjunagatha

Welcome to our UiPath Forum. What is your Studio version and the activity packages version?

Does the same happen on two entirely fresh projects with all activity packages up to date? Does republishing of your library helps?

Thanks for the quick reply ,and I sorted out the issue by changing the version of system.activites to source code version .Thank you

Hello Loginerror,

im having the same issue as arjunagatha in that my invoke workflow activities are not properly displayed like they normally are and I cant’t access the Arguments at all.
Im using Studio 2020.10.2-beta.4 (Downloaded directly from the Website).
I tried using a range of System.Activities versions but none have changed anything (Running on the newest 20.10.1 again now)

Does this happen on new projects as well?

Yes it sadly happens ok new projects as well. Even when I create one from template like a Reframework one. I also noticed that I can’t open the collection settings on other activities as well (i.E. Upload queue item)

Could you post a screenshot from your Studio settings? I think i recall a bug where one of the new design options in Studio settings would cause this.

I would suggest a clean installation, as maybe something got corrupted there.
Please see this topic here for more details:
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

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