How to use the NEW activities in your older projects

Hello I would like to use the updates activities from the latest version of Uipath Studio. how do I handle this?

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Hi @Nightowl_music

You can always update your activities via the Package Manager:

I did that but didn’t work, I want to have te newest Type Into activity


Are you referring to the modern design type into activity? (refer below).

If so, couple of things that you need to make sure,

  1. The modern design UI activities (like type into) should be within Use Application\Browser activity.
  2. Each element (including window and sub elements) should be added to the object repository. These elements should be added to the Use Application\Browser and Type into activity. Also, it can be added using drag and drop (drag the element from Object repository and drop into the activity).
  3. Please adjust the properties accordingly. Like what kind of input mode, click before typing, timeout, should we empty field before typing etc.
  4. Add the variable\value that you want to type into the field.

Please let me know if you need more information and I can help you with the details.

I have already a project in the older version of UiPath, and want to use the new activities. but even when I turn on the (modern settings) the activities doesn’t show up.

Just to be on the same page - have you also enabled the modern settings per project in the Project Settings panel?

Hi @Nightowl_music ,

While using the older version itself Go to Filters -


Click on show Modern -


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