Activities missing

Hi all

I’ve just installed UiPath and Orchestrator on a VM, however when I try to open a new process on UiPath, I get this error

When I click OK and the new process opens, this fills the Output bar

Basically, the only Activities I have are Write Line, Flowchart, Assign, and the ones located in Available > System > Statements

Can someone advise on what I need to do please?


ensure the VM has access to the internet and can download packages from the feeds
you can test it e.g. when downloadinf a package with the url from logs manually


When I’ve gone on to the website named, it appears as this

Search urls like this:

But also ensure in Studio following:


Looks like they’re all ticked

Could it be because I can’t see the C:\ folder on the VM? Although UiPath is saved there… and I can access that :confused:

then check your nuget.config from uiPath, but this could a factor which can be checked


How would I check the nuget.config?

would recommend you will do a readin to get more details:

That doesn’t mean that UiPath can get to it to download the package. Check with your IT department to see if they’re blocking


You’re right, thank you! If IT download the packages manually for me, do you know which folder they’d have to be saved in for them to work?


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