Uipath upgraded from 2018.4 to 2019.10

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we have used excel activities version 2.6.3 in 2018.4 version but while upgraded to new version 2019.10, we are unable to find the version 2.6.3 excel activities.

kindly help without repairing dependencies, how we can resolve this issue.


**additional info :**copied all the packages from old version to updated version .

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Naveen Chaganti


If you not find that version in that list that means current Uipath version won’t that support that version.

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Did you follow this?

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Hi @bcorrea

Thanks for response.

Yes , i have followed bthat post still doesn’t have any luck

Hi @lakshman,

Thanks for response.

Supported or not supported not a matter.

We have already installed that package but it is not available in local package folder and orchestrator as well…how we can get it without updating the package version’

@MirceaGrigore can you please help to resolve package issue

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Fine we need that package version file in this folder

Either we should have copied this from the folder when previous version was used and move now to this folder
We need to get from someone who use 2018 version

So that we could get that from local feed
But still the loc feed can be excluded when installing Studio with the .msi installer

Cheers @Naveen.Ch

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Hi @Palaniyappan

Thank you for the info

Yes , currently i don’t have the package in my local feed.
I am expecting response from some one who has used and upgraded to new version.

@loginerror @Pablito Expecting response from your end.kindly let me know what i can do to resolve this issue.

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Hi @Naveen.Ch,
First of all, please show me your feed settings in Studio and check if those (especially “Official”) is enabled. Then check if you see older excel packages version available.