How to use Success Factor Activities

Hi Team, Could you please provide some sample projects or guide to show how to connect to SuccessFactors and make use of the activities given in our package, I have processes involving success factor record retrieval and update records, as of now I am doing UI based automation only in success factor, don’t have idea how to make use of success factor packages



Hi @Deeipauk ,

Check this below link,

Hope this might help you :slight_smile:


Hi @Deeipauk

Check on this document

I hope it helps!!

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Hi @Deeipauk

Find the below UiPath documentation link to know more about the SAP Success Factors.
In the below there is full explanation about the activities.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks for your materials, Let me check and update back here

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the links shared, I went through the links but I am still not able to complete a sample automation using “Get Records” or “Search”, in the YouTube video I am not able to understand the HTTP Client usage to get data, May be my question was too generic. I want to give a specific scenario just part of my learning

I want to retrieve one employee personal details record by using his employee ID and need to update his mobile number or mail ID and save it back in success factor. Can anyone help me with sample xaml project for this process. Materials and the definitions are not giving me idea to reach end point as this involves more of API calls, XML parsing etc…

Thanks in advance your help and support