How to use Parallel

Please give some samples on how to use Parallel activity with scenarios where to use.


The ParallelActivity activity lets you schedule two or more child SequenceActivity activity branches for processing at the same time. Although branch SequenceActivity activities are scheduled to start processing at the same time, they do not start processing at the same time. Processing begins with the execution of one activity that is contained in one of the SequenceActivity branches.


I used it to scrape data from 3 different websites in parallel and store the results in an Excel file for each website separately. You just need to make sure not to use any activities that require focus or searching for an image or the process will likely run into a timeout. Also, be aware of any parallel file access, which can also fail (I copy an Excel template for the results, which seems to fail sometimes if 2 processes try to do it at the same time).


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Hi @Christian_Hennig, Can you please provide me some source to know how this can be done? I need to run multiple xaml files that scraps data from website and stores in excel. I have multiple files and need to run parallel for efficient time. Please let me know the process how this can be done.


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Sorry, I can’t upload files yet. I have changed accounts. But I uploaded it to my dropbox.

My project basically does the same you want to do. Run 3 sites in parallel, extract table data and store it in Excel files.

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Parallel activity doesn’t work as intended at all. It executes the sequences in left to right order.

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It works just fine, if children are parallel-compatible (like invokes in Chris’s project).

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May be this link helps you.


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hi watch this video for better understanding


I found the issue. There has to be some sort of delay inside the parallel sequence. This delay can come from click, get text or any other activities. Earlier I was using only logs in the parallel sequences of parallel activity hence, only left sequence was getting executed.


great and simple video (1 & 2).

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Video is not available, kindly upload again, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

As per latest documentation, this activity will invoke a process in orchestrator.