In 1 process parallel activities of cmd

Can we run multiple sessions of cmd parallelly in 1 process of UiPath Studio. Like open 2 cmd and write ipconfig in 1 and ping in other?

Yes you can do it as per my knowledge.

Let us know if that works.

Pavan H

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Yes you can , unless your both CMD’s differentiate each other by any selector or value .
ex - cmd 1 with IPCONFIG command
cmd2 - without any ipconfig command

This is not working fine.

Instead of clicking on windows and then going to cmd prompt.

Try with send hotkey: windows+r, this will prompt you to run andyou can do type into as cmd + enter.

This should run as expected for you to type cmd.

Pavan H

This works but still the processes does not happen simultaneously rather sequentially. Have to give a delay for 2nd parallel activity.
If in orchestrator we define 2 robots for these 2 processes can it happen simultaneously?

No, at a time only one activity should run as per my knowledge.

Pavan H


It’s not possible. At the time only one activity will execute.

I think then from orchestrator we can run multiple activities at same time, like multiple processes in parallel?

hi @RagsG,

Use start process activity and pass the commands on it. like the below image. this is a sample for remove directory. you can use this in parallel to run more commands.



Hey @RagsG

Yes you can.

Find attached Sample for your reference : - CmdSample.xaml (4.9 KB)


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Thanks, this is what I required.

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